Every Weapon Spray Pattern in VALORANT

Valorant currently has 17 weapons, and most of them have a unique spray pattern that players can master to achieve better recoil control. Out of all the weapons, only eight are automatic and can eliminate multiple opponents with a full spray, if used correctly. The recoil pattern for every weapon is different, and mastering each […]

All new superhero skins coming to Fortnite Chapter 3

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is on the horizon, and fans are expecting to see numerous superheroes arrive on the island. The game has become quite popular for collaborations, and players want to see more superhero crossovers in Chapter 3. Epic Games recently conducted an in-game survey to determine which superhero outfits are most wanted […]

Best VALORANT Sensitivity and DPI Settings

In an aim-based tactical FPS like Valorant, having proper sensitivity and dots-per-inch (DPI) settings make all the difference. While players often copy their favorite pro’s settings, in the end, it boils down to personal choice. Having DPI and sensitivity settings that are too high can ruin your accuracy, and setting these too low will make […]

How to fix VALORANT not launching on PC

Wondering how to fix Valorant not launching on your PC? Fret not, for this is quite a common problem and can be solved with a few clicks. Although Valorant is compatible with almost every desktop arrangement, players can face numerous issues when logging in or starting the game. Windows 11 has been the culprit of […]

Best VALORANT Agents for each map

Players need to know the best team compositions on each map to win ranked matches easily in Valorant. All professional teams experiment with their composition to chalk out the best competitive strategies. Of the seven maps in Valorant, each presents its own unique challenge to players. Having an alternate Agent choice allows teams to root […]