Best Modded Minecraft Servers

Minecraft is an almost unlimited game in Vanilla, but once Mods are added to the mix, the game has limitless potential. But playing on your own can often get a little dull, as you have no one to show your incredible creations to. That’s where online play comes in. Many servers offer modded servers to […]

Best Minecraft Curseforge Mods

CurseForge is one of the best modding resources online, especially for Minecraft. It even has its own app, which makes installing and changing mods around simple. What’s more, the site often has its own easier-to-install versions of Minecraft’s most popular mods. But with a wide variety of mods on the site, it can be overwhelming […]

How to Fruitberries Bridge in Minecraft

Fruitberries bridging is an advanced movement technique in Minecraft. The technique allows you to rapidly build a bridge across a void or empty space in a straight line. This makes it incredibly block efficient and is excellent for manhunts, speed runs, and PvP. Named after the YouTuber Fruitberries, who pioneered the technique, it’s one of […]

Hytale: Beta access sign up, information, and everything we know

Riot Games made several game announcements at the Arcane: Epilogue event, including a new trailer for Hytale. This sandbox adventure game comes from Hypixel Studios—the team behind the Hypixel Minecraft servers—which had been thought to be stuck in “development hell.” But thanks to investment from Riot Games, the game is now set for a 2023 […]

Best Minecraft Realms Maps

Minecraft Realms makes it simple to try community maps and worlds for survival challenges. Thes add new challenges, interesting builds, and lots of extra features to a regular Minecraft world. But what are some of the best Minecraft Realms maps out there? Keep reading to find out. All of these maps are available on the […]