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Tuesday 9st, December 2:1:13 Am


Sidemen FC vs youtube allstars charity football match livestream Joe Weller vs KSI - Copper Box Arena February - Joe Weller. Hundreds of thousands watched live as YouTube stars KSI and Joe Weller took their online arguments into a real-world boxing ring, and millions more have tuned in to catch up on the action. The pair feuded in videos and on Twitter for months before their fight in east London, which gamer-turned-rapper KSI won handily by technical knockout in the third of six rounds.

The game honours a match played between Leicestershire and Warwickshire in, when teams used a bag of gold as a ball, and which was won by Warwickshire. For KSI and Joe Weller, it won’t just be a match, but a chance for them to settle some serious differences.

KSI, in particular, has seemingly got the bit between his teeth, hinting that he would like to fight other YouTubers and even making mention of boxing with Rio Ferdinand in the future if the opportunity arose. It will all come down to Saturday 3 February when they step in the ring and fight. I can confirm negotiations for the boxing match between myself vs KSI are underway. As crazy as this is, the best part is you can win money off of it.

That’s right, the top novelty betting sites wasted no time with the theatrics of YouTube boxing, as they quickly pushed out Logan Paul vs. Considering these amateur boxing matches have begun to gain serious traction both in the entertainment and betting world, there’s plenty of reason to get up for them.

On paper, it’s tough to deny KSI. Not only did he take out Joe Weller last year, but he’s eyeing a potential jump to professional fighting if this next match goes the way he thinks it should.

I’m not sure why, as it’s clear he can garner plenty of attention and money simply by challenging fellow celebrities. Joe weller is more motivated and more focused on the fight but ksi is bigger then weller so it will be a good match but joe will win. Joe weller has already fought in amateur boxing lol ksi will get his ass beaten. If you think the best UK YouTubers are either Joe Weller or KSI, you clearly have never seen The Yogscast or Zero Punctuation.

No acting or juvenile delinquency - Just genuine, heartfelt, English comedy that is genuinely funny. CringeKsi vs Joe Weller chris-hemsworth.us. Submitted 1 year ago by arends comments. Fans chose KSI to fight Joe Weller. This was planned, lol you think they just had random beef and wanted to throw down?

[] jumala45 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago 3 children. The boxing match is set for Saturday February 3rd,? That is one long training camp.

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Didn't know he was steaming was first link on youtubep.

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Damn GG KSI he fucked up him so badly. The KSI vs Joe Weller fight was watched by over 20 million over 24 hours. But JJ is not the only showing a vulnerable side ahead of the highly anticipated KSI vs Logan Paul fight. Logan recently missed a punch during training.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video. While his wit and charm might be able to get him out of most things, it appears Logan is going to need to hone in on his boxing techniques if he is going to defeat KSI. In February, KSI defeated fellow Brit Joe Weller in a YouTube boxing match and then instantly issued a verbal challenge to Logan and his younger brother Jake.

Watch KSI vs Logan Paul 2 on Saturday, live on Sky Sports Box Office, from midnight. Book it via your Sky remote or book it online here. Even if you aren't a Sky TV subscriber, you can book and watch it here. I wanna kill him in that ring K.S.I on his upcoming boxing match with Joe Weller! Worst Cheating in Boxing History -Margarito Vs Cotto.

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Weller has blasted KSI for insulting him about his depression, and KSI has taken offense at Weller’s body-shaming and for calling him a geezer. Both have hurled gay and misogynist slurs at each other as they’ve hyped the fight.

It’s unclear whether this feud is real, but it’s drawn plenty of interest.

Will it be a good, skillful boxing match? There’s almost no chance of that. Will millions of people be watching two amateurs wing punches at each other? And if that’s the case, it doesn’t matter who’s victorious on Saturday because, with so much attention being paid to their feud, both KSI and Weller will have won. Josh Katzowitz is a staff writer at the Daily Dot specializing in YouTube and boxing. The betting line should be close since this is indeed a Boxing match and not an MMA match.

But Logan Paul should be able to use his mental toughness athletic ability to pressure KSI and make him wilt. If this happens then it will finally settle this rivalry, because their YouTube channels are both very evenly matched! While I must give JJ prompts for winning the boxing match against Joe Weller, this is really his only other experience that relates some what to boxing. He has done football american soccer but that’s so much different that it can somewhat be ruled out.

I am betting on KSI because he has already been training for a few months. Logan Paul may have a wrestling background but he hasn't used it in years and we aren't talking about wrestling but boxing. KSI has already fought as an amateur, beating fellow YouTuber Joe Weller back in February in front of 8, fans.

The video of the fight was watched over 25 million times in the first 24 hours of being online. It was back then, right after the fight, when KSI first called out the Pauls. Given KSI’s previous boxing experience, he’s the favourite to win the fight in Manchester, with both Bet and William Hill having him as 49 to win.

Logan Paul is 138 and 74 to beat KSI according to the bookies.

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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MostlyBlue, Sep 11,? Who will win the boxing match? Results are only viewable after voting.

Or maybe Joe Weller will be like Connor McGregor. Inb4 mods take this down saying it's political. MostlyBlue, Sep 11, And there was JI Joe too.

Thats my knowledge of watching boxing on tele. YouTubers KSI and Joe Weller finally settled their differences when they touched gloves at the Olympic Park, London. KSI’ Olatunji and Weller have a combined total of million YouTube subscribers. They have forged a legendary status on the platform and there’s no denying the fact that the pair share larger than life personalities.

But today, on February 3, KSI came out on top against a brave Joe Weller at a packed out York Hall in Bethnal Green, London. KSI may be a fool, doing stupid stuff and trying to be funny in an annoying way, but he is just being himself and I can appreciate that.

Joe on the other hand, not sure how people can be a fan of him not that Im a fan of KSI anymore, but I still understand the appeal. KSI seems like he is out for blood. They were mates at one point, and the fight was initially supposed to be for publicity, but Joe said some stuff that caused KSI to cut ties completely and take this super seriously. Posts Has That Special Something. When you fight joe weller you’re gunna get dropped. C Reacting To Ksi Vs Weller Full Fight W Team Alboe Calling Out Ksi mp3 MB.

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Optimistik Daniel 2 years ago can you sub to me ill sub back. Cristhian Juarez 2 years ago Anonymous Bro did you chris-hemsworth.us I hope he trains because that was embarrassing he will get knock out if he keeps running like a fairy.

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Hamzah Moheed 1 year ago Masyaf are you serious? A boxing match can't be staged this is not wrestling, and did weller stage getting bloodied up too? Shisha CEO 1 year ago He didn't win like this though. Just watch the Joe Weller fight, guy was useless and KSI didn't even damage him much Say what you want about Logan but he is a beast with a wealth of competitive fighting experience relative to KSI's one fight.

That combined with all of the physical advantages. I don't think I would want to place a bet on a non professional match that is likely to be rigged. I don't follow youtubers that little kids watch, but I keep hearing about this boxing match everywhere. I guess this is what people find entertaining now.

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Betting 50, on ksi vs joe weller. Epic Destiny Video Ksi vs joe weller press conferenceface offweigh in. Thanks to our sponsors for supporting the event. Me commentary on a mint boxing match between KSI and Joe Weller. Well done for havin' a crack fellas. I just recorded this live, me and the others were so glad JJ won! I am currently in development of my book called Beside the Dying Fire I’m estimating it to be released somewhere around, and i will be making a video on it once i publish it.

Saif here or as most of you call me, Patrick here and welcome to my channel! This is mostly a gaming channel, but I occasionally upload Skits, Funny Moments, Top 10s, etc. I'm Canadian, so expect happy videos! Be sure to subscribe to my second channel!. KSI, a year-old native of London who has also dabbled in both gaming and hip hop, chose to settle a grudge with fellow British YouTube Joe Weller in a amateur boxing match that drew million live viewers and 21 million in the first day alone on YouTube.

Following his third-round TKO win, KSI called out Paul, the year-old from Westlake, Ohio. Paul, an aspiring actor who has drawn plenty of controversy for the content of his YouTube clips, claimed the feud never became personal until the press conference ahead of their August amateur bout in Manchester, England, when KSI heckl.

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KSI posed his boxing match challenge to the Paul brothers after he defeated Weller earlier this year. KSI isn’t without his problems, either. In, he sexually harassed women at the Eurogamer Expo, asking questions like where have your tits gone? Or sticking his microphone into their cleavage.

The Pauls and the Olatunjis won’t be the only fights of the day, however.

The full undercard for the match is as follows Deji versus Jake Paul. We never thought it would really happen, but on Saturday youtuber’s KSI and Joe Weller, took the boxing ring at London’s Copper Box Arena. The fight which received over 20 million videos in the KSI knokced Weller to the ground in the second round. If you haven’t seen the fight yet, watch it here Have your say!

Vluff is the first community and directory for YouTube Vlog Channels. Vluff makes it easy for you to discover Vloggers and connect with the Vlog community! Discover vloggers you’ll love with thousands of vloggers sorted into over 50 unique categories. Paul weller to jake and logan paul paul logan paul disrespect wife series of tubes.

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Joe Weller vs KSI - Copper Box Arena February 6.

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Ksi vs joe weller full press conference weigh-in. This video is honestly very inspirational. I don't care what happened at the boxing match.

Because in the end you're a champ. KSI and Logan Paul are set to face off on August 25th, Here, we'll examine the match, betting options, and which YouTuber will ultimately win this fight. When KSI fought another YouTube person named Joe Weller, the contest drew more than 20 million views.

Another eight thousand attended live, paying 92 per seat. That’s a gate of, which is just patently absurd.

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Buy Tickets for Ksi -V- Joe Weller from See Tickets. View dates and book online today. What people are saying about Ksi -V- Joe Weller. Rated 5 out of 5 by Kcn from Absolutely fantastic!

I went with my friend and we had a fantastic time.

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Brilliant seats, with a very clear view of the boxing ring. Date published Rated 5 out of 5 by LouLou21 from Truly an amazing experience I went with my bestfriend and it is literally the highlight of my life. KSI Joe Weller Box Out Their Problems ft. YouTube stars KSI and Joe Weller bring in million viewers in a head-to-head boxing match Special Thanks to Our Guests Friends David So Nikki Limo Cast. Well done to both JJ and Joe for the amount of work and effort they put into the fight!


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MansionBet has announced the latest entry into its sponsorship portfolio, as the operator throws its support behind the KSI versus Logan Paul boxing match. Stating that it’s pleased to continue supporting the lighter side of sports with this unique sponsorship, it sees the firm build upon its deal with impressionist Darren Farley, which sees a variety of exclusive video content produced.

British social media star KSI goes head-to-head with his American vlogging rival Logan Paul at the Manchester Arena this weekend Saturday 25 August, as bad blood between the pair boils over into the Mansio.

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Who did you think who did better. Joe Weller was like a scary cat looking for attention.

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Hotels near University College London. Restaurants near Copper Box Arena.

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Feb Why are these Joe weller fans the commentators it's annoying they scream if Joe does a single jab and when jj does a mad right hook or a good shot they be like. Until Joe does something again. You lost this one and the first one against Logan lmao. He may have won but he will never be a man compared to weller. Logan Paul speaks openly on the KSI rematch, being a pro boxer working with Shannon Briggs. AnEsonGib sends message to Jake Paul after their heated clash during KSI Logan Paul's presser.

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British YouTuber, Joe Weller, criticised KSI and the Sidemen for artificially stirring friction between him and the Sidemen for views.[37] Following resulting public disagreements on Twitter, the pair announced that they would be facing each other in a white-collar amateur boxing match on 3 February at Copper Box Arena in London.[37] During the announcement, the two YouTubers verbally and.

Professional bout versus Logan Paul. KSI being interviewed in the ring immediately after the bout. On 3 September, a rematch between the two was announced.

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My BOXING MATCH on KSI VS LOGAN PAUL undercar 1. Betting 50, on ksi vs joe weller.

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The recent boxing match between KSI and Joe Weller was a feat that took literal months of preparation by two dedicated YouTubers, but per usual, the mainstream media quickly discounted it. While they are amateur boxers, this match took serious training and involved skillful boxing technique, especially on the part of KSI. In this episode, I'll reveal the professional boxing strategies KSI used to win this match and which ones he should implement if he really decides to take on Logan Paul!.

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Not proud of myself but there is definitly some car crash appeal to this match up. [IMG] If you are lucky enough to not know who any of these 2 guys Walt Harris' daughter is missing around Auburn, Alabama. Please read this thread for more information.

KSI vs Joe Weller youtubers boxing Forgive me sherbros Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by eon, Feb 1, Page 1 of 3.

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Vs joe weller was out all day and missed the livestream but i'm catching up on everything now and holy moly up rose. OMG I’ve never been so nervous anxious about a boxing match. Do you know if there’s going to be a livestream of the match? Yeah i’ve only really been keeping up with jj’s progress and joe tweeted that the fight’s going to be streamed on his channel starting at 4 with the walk-on at 6 i’m pretty sure.

Ask lenneylove a question rose vs joe weller.

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Watch here chris-hemsworth.us?vSlFight left until KSI vs Joe Weller 4 3 2 1 FINALE! Biggest of thanks to Ziqolu for buying me VIP.

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KSI and Joe Weller will finally settle their differences on Saturday 3 February when they touch gloves at the Olympic Park, London. 'KSI' Olatunji and Weller have a combined total of million YouTube subscribers. They have forged a legendary status on the platform and there's no denying the fact that the pair share larger than life personalities.

Drills, boxing, training, lots of sparring - it's intense." Q It's been priced up by the bookies as a really close fight, you've been priced at 45 and Joe as 1011, how do you think the odds reflect your skills? "I think I should be a bigger favourite.

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KSI took on Weller at the Copper Box Arena in London in February, and won. That was streamed live on YouTube for free, with million people watching live and 36 million more watching on the pair's official channels since. Weller has five million subscribers to Logan Paul's 18 million. Saturday's fight will be much bigger - but this time, punters have to pay to watch. The biggest event in internet history.

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Joe Weller, born March 2, is a British YouTuber currently residing in Brighton, England. Joe is predominately known for his Haunted Abandoned series and his comedy sketch videos. He is also known through his relationship with the Sidemen however after his boxing match with KSI their relationship has faded.

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Listen to music from KSI vs JOE WELLER like Copper Box Arena February Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from KSI vs JOE WELLER.

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Honestly got no idea of these guys fighting but I reckon ksi will only win if it's by knockout I feel like if it lasts the 12 rounds Joe will win by points but I want ksi to win! To be honest that has to have been the most underwhelming boxing match i've seen in my life. To be honest that has to have been the most underwhelming boxing match i've seen in my life.

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Following a boxing match, KSI challenged the Paul brothers to a fight and the two parties have since exchanged words online. On February 3rd, YouTuber KSI won a boxing match against English YouTuber Joe Weller. After the fight, KSI said to the crowd, "If any YouTuber wants it, you can come get it. Jake Paul, Logan Paul, any of the Pauls.

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Hahaha what a shit boxing match. Look at ksi tits Joe weller is a idiote he cant fight and is a childboy. Look those stripes under them armpit at joe weller for someone who takes anabolics he is fucking small.

And joe landed better shots ksi was just landing on guard not clean shots. Ksi just won because of his reach advantage. His defence and guard and doesnot look good. Reacting to the KSI vs Logan Paul US Press Conference. Logan Paul 2 Launch Press Conference. Ksi vs logan paul rematch is finally here.

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KSI already knocked out Joe Weller. He'll have no problem pounding Logan Paul to the ground. chris-hemsworth.us KSI may have beaten Joe Weller, but Logan Paul won't be as easy. Paul is an accomplished athlete who excelled at both football and wrestling in high school. Not only will Paul beat KSI, he will embarrass him.

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YouTubers KSI Million Subscribers and Joe Weller Million Subscribers Face off in the boxing ring Full Highlights!.

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Homeboxingksi vs joe weller boxing full fight highlights live reaction. chris-hemsworth.us Reacting to ksi vs joe weller boxing match fight live. But even though I wanted Joe to win it was a good fight and the hype was madd.

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