17 Apr 2012 Melanie Jo || Appearances, Cabin in the Woods, The Avengers

I added Chris’s latest appearances to the gallery including The Avengers press junket in Moscow earlier today. He looks absolutely amazing and cannot wait to see this movie. So check them out in the gallery.

» April 10: Lionsgate’s “Cabin In The Woods” Los Angeles Screening
» April 11: “Marvel’s The Avengers” – Los Angeles Premiere
» April 13: “Marvel’s The Avengers” Press Conference
» April 14: “Marvel’s The Avengers” Fan Event – Los Angeles
» April 17: ‘The Avengers’ photocall and press junket

17 Apr 2012 Melanie Jo || Cabin in the Woods, Movie Stills, Photoshoots, Posters, Snow White and The Huntsman

I have added some new photoshoots to the gallery as well as new movie stills, posters and promotional from ‘Snow White’ and ‘Cabin in the Woods’. So check them out in the gallery.

» Photoshoots from 2010 > 2010: T. White [USA Weekend]
» Photoshoots from 2009 > 2009: Unknown 001
» Snow White and The Huntsman > Promotional
» Snow White and The Huntsman > Movie Stills
» The Cabin in the Woods > Posters
» The Cabin in the Woods > Movie Stills

13 Apr 2012 Melanie Jo || Cabin in the Woods, Headlines & Rumors

Expect the unexpected in Cabin in the Woods!

Between filming Thor and The Avengers, Australian hunk Chris Hemsworth tested his skills in the horror film, Cabin in the Woods, that has finally found its way to the big screen.

Writer Josh Whedon’s fresh and savvy take on the horror genre is tough to accurately detail without entreating into Spoilerville, but here goes:

Five college kids, including a jock (Hemsworth) and his slinky girl-friend (Anna Hutchison), head up to, yes, a cabin in the woods. They rave about being “off the grid,” completely unaware that they’re being targeted.
That’s when the ingenious twists kick in.

The clever Scream-like tone allows for laughs (really!), gasps and a whole new appreciation for all things scary.
Cabin in the Woods is rated R and opens in theaters Friday. Us Weekly gives the film 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

Tell Us: Will you be seeing Cabin in the Woods this weekend? [xx]

09 Dec 2011 Melanie Jo || Cabin in the Woods, Screencaps

The trailer for ‘The Cabin in the Woods‘ has finally been released and I have added the screencaps to the gallery. I cannot wait for this movie. Chris looks amazing. So check them out.

» The Cabin in the Woods > Theatrical Trailer

09 Dec 2011 Melanie Jo || Cabin in the Woods, Headlines & Rumors, Videos

That noise you’re hearing is millions of Joss Whedon fans from across the universe yelling “FINALLY!” all at once.

It has taken years for the Whedon co-written movie, “Cabin in the Woods,” to finally hit screens, and after last week’s teaser poster, here we have the first trailer and the most conclusive evidence yet that this movie may actually open.

Future Whedon collaborator Chris Hemsworth leads a cast of attractive 20-somethings into the familiar set-up. They’re looking to go off the grid and spend some time—where else—in a cabin in the woods. With the straight-forward horror set-up, you’d be right to expect Whedon and his co-writer/director Drew Goddard to take things down unexpected paths.

Things do get weird once the group reaches the cabin, but that’s just the start of it. There’s a force field, a mysterious control room, a suspicious gas station attendant and some good old-fashioned scares.

“Cabin in the Woods” was originally set for release all the way back in the fall of 2009, but financial woes at MGM put the film’s future in question. Once Chris Hemworth hit it big with the lead role in “Thor” in addition to Whedon’s rabid fanbase, a release seemed inevitable but out of sight, that is until Lionsgate stepped in and saved the film from collecting dust.

The movie also stars Richard Jenkins, Kristen Connolly and Anna Hutchinson.

“Cabin in the Woods” finally hits theaters on April 13, 2012. Be sure to check out the full trailer above! [xx]

09 Jul 2011 Melanie Jo || Cabin in the Woods, Movie Stills

Thank to Bloody Disgusting, we have our first look at Chris in The Cabin in the Woods. He looks great and I cant wait for this movie to be officially released. So check it out in the gallery.