All Career Achievements & Legacies (Feats) for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Full List and Guides

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Chapter 2 Season 8 has brought us a whole new set of legacies. Some of them are very similar to achievements we've seen in the past, but there are many that force us to explore the game's newest mechanics, or perhaps try some different techniques.

The Legacies/Achievements in Fortnite have a wide range of difficulty and design. For simplicity, we will sort them based on their goals. Anything added in the patches throughout the season will be listed at the top of the page. Don’t forget: You can complete these throughout all of Chapter 2 Season 8!

If we have any guides that will help you through these achievements, they will be linked with the legacy listed below!

All Career Achievements & Legacies (Feats)

Weapons Specialist

  • Playin' Descartes Right: Earned 2 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.
  • Germain Knowledge: Earned 3 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.
  • Positively Pythagorean: Earned 4 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.
  • It's Hype...atia!: Earned 5 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.
  • Great Work, I Gauss: Earned 6 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.
  • Are Euclid-ding Me?: Earned 7 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.
  • Blowin' Up: Earned Explosives Expert.
  • Six Sided Six Shooter: Earned Pistol Expert.
  • Infinite Bullets: Earned SMG Expert.
  • Solve for Axe: Earned Pickaxe Expert.
  • Square Rooted Shooter: Earned Shotgun Expert.
  • Modern AR-chimedes: Earned AR Expert.
  • Acute Sharpshooter: Earned Sniper Expert.


  • Master Angler: Caught every type of fish.
  • Complete Dataset: Met every Character.


  • Fair and Square: Won a Solo match.
  • Quadratic Royale: Won 10 Solo matches.
  • Quadrilater-Royale: Won 100 Solo matches.
  • Finding the Right Angle: Won a Solo match with at least 10 eliminations.
  • Unparalleled Victory: Won a Duos match.
  • Unparalleled Dominations: Won 10 Duos matches.
  • Unparalleled Conquering: Won 100 Duos matches.
  • Triangulated Victory: Won a Trios match.
  • Triangulated Domination: Won 10 Trios matches.
  • Triangulated Conquering: Won 100 Trios matches.
  • Assemble the sQUAD!: Won a Squads match.
  • sQUAD Champs!: Won 10 Squads matches.
  • sQUAD... Too Powerful?: Won 100 Squads matches.
  • Ready to Rumble: Won a Team Rumble match.
  • Peak Rumble AChieved: Won 100 Team Rumble matches.

Personal Quests

  • Here We Go Again: Landed at the new map in Season 8.
  • Snack on the Go: Threw a consumable.
  • Eureka!: Reached Season Level 100.
  • Balanced Equation: Completed a bounty.
  • Multiplied Riches: Spent 250 Bars.
  • Exponential Growth: Collected 1000 Bars.
  • Problem Solver: Crafted a weapon.
  • Specimen Subtractor: Hunted wildlife.
  • Carry the One: Defended a teammate who has a bounty.
  • Out of Range: Evaded a bounty.
  • Golden Ratio'd: Got eliminated by a Mythic Goldfish.
  • One in a Million: Caught a Mythic Goldfish.


  • Byeeeeee!: Eliminated an opponent by Yeeting them.
  • That's a A-Melee: Eliminated an opponent with a Harvesting Tool.
  • Zero Tolerance Cube Policy: Eliminated an opponent who just opened a Supply Drop.
  • Defending Terra Fermat: Eliminated an opponent while they were gliding during Season 8.
  • Divided and Conquered: Eliminated someone who is someone else's bounty target.
  • Q.E.D.: Eliminated an opponent with a Mythic Goldfish.

Those are all the achievements for Chapter 2 Season 8! On rare occasions, we see additional achievements added with patches. If achievements are added, we will update this list when the update drops.

Don't forget to check out our full Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Guide, which covers all updates, mechanics, and features of Season 8!

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  1. From season 6 to season 8, chapter 2, all carrers have been to low, i mean only added like 15 common achievements. I remember season 4 ( marvel ) was a least 65 carrer i completed