How to get the This Novel… Seems Familiar? Daily Commission in Genshin Impact

Set Junkichi's overambitious writing straight and unlock this Daily Commision.

Inazuma brought about a slew of follow-up Daily Commissions, which you can only unlock by clearing certain conditions.

In Hanamizaka in Inazuma City, you'll encounter Junkichi, an aspiring bestselling writer, and Shigeru, an editor from the Yae Publishing House. They can randomly give you the Daily Commission called Is This Novel Amazing? where you need to side with either of the two to resolve their argument about Junkichi's stagnant and overambitious writing.

To unlock This Novel... Seems Familiar? you need to side with Shigeru's opinion throughout Is This Novel Amazing? Doing so will open up the Daily Commission's questline, which will continue the next time you receive a Commission from the two (usually the day after).

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Start the Commission by speaking with Junkichi and Shigeru, who are deep into another argument about Junkichi's writing. After, you'll be asked to collect three light novels that Junchi often keeps around. You can find them in glowing spots beside Aratani, who's beside the Yae Publishing House behind Junkichi and Shigeru.

Return to the two and choose to give them one of the three light novels. The dialogue will change depending on which book you hand over, but the reward is the same and won't affect any future Commissions.

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