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The Roblox platform offers players a wide variety of experiences with various genres, speeds, and play styles—some of the most popular experiences on Roblox involve AFK farming, such as Pet Simulator X, or using weapons to take down enemies, such as Arsenal. Within each of these experiences, and any others that are similar, there is always the allure to exploit, or cheat, your way to the top as many players do—but is this allowed? In this brief guide we'll be listing some of the most popular Windows script executors for Roblox that you can use at your own risk.

What is a script executor?

A script executor is a computer program that allows users to input custom scripts into any game that they're attempting to exploit. Scripts are extra lines of codes that people create to add additional advantages for those who use them, such as the ability to see through walls, auto click, auto aim, or have endless ammo. These scripts can be found online rather easily by simply googling Roblox scripts for, followed by whatever advantage you want to acquire.

Are scripts allowed?

Adding additional scripts to any game is oftentimes completely off-limits and a ban-able offense, which is especially the case for Roblox. If you are caught exploiting in any form, Roblox will either temporarily, or fully, ban your account from all activities. The full extent to Roblox's exploit rules can be found on their ToS page.

NOTE: Pro Game Guides does not endorse the use of scripts of any kind

Best script executors

Synapse X

  • One of the most, if not the most, popular script executors for Roblox, and in general, is Synapse X. Not only is it reasonably priced at $20 with an impressively fast injection and read speed, Lua script capabilities, and sleek user interface (UI), it's also considered a safe download. Safe downloads are those that pose little to no threat to the security of your computer and personal information.
  • Synapse X also offers a full breakdown of its program that users can read before installing from their documentation page.

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  • Krnl is widely viewed as the best option in terms of free Roblox script executors. Created by the famed exploit community member Ice Bear, Krnl is recommended to those looking for premium executor features without the hefty price tag as it offers a full debug library, drawing library, and more. Additionally, Krnl is known to be a relatively stable executor when compared to other free options, meaning it faces many less crashes and freezes.


  • The free script executor JJSploit is seemingly the best program for scripting beginners and pros alike, as its user interface is simple yet efficient, and the program itself can handle a variety of scripting languages. Further than that, Lua, the primary script that Roblox is built upon, is the most prominent script within JJSploit and the program updates this language each week to keep up with Roblox. Because of these constant updates however, JJSploit is known to crash quite often.


  • The set-up for Sentinel is practically non-existent as, unlike other script executors on this list, this program only one requires one quick download from the Sentinel website itself. After this paid download, users will be sent a quick email confirmation with a randomly generated key that will unlock the application. Sentinel offers a customizable UI, a dynamic code updater, 24/7 support, and much more.

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  • SirHurt is a paid script executer that prides itself on its claim that there has never been a recorded case of SirHurt software being detected by Roblox in its five year history. On top of that, SirHunt offers full Lua compatibility, a debug library, drawing library, and ScriptHub. The SirHunt website also doubles as a fully fleshed out information network, with answers to nearly every applicable questions that users could think of.


This concludes our list for the five best script executors that can used to exploit on Roblox. However, we at Pro Game Guides do want to reiterate that cheating on Roblox is prohibited, and that partaking in any form of script altering or implementing is done at your own risk.

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  1. If you don’t endorse script injecting why bother making an article about it at all?

    1. Pro Game Guides aims to help as many people as possible find what they’re looking for in terms of gaming related questions, so, even if we advise not to partake in what we’re writing about, we write articles on anything and everything that’s regularly searched by our users.